19th Annual Driving Show at Orleton Farm, Stockbridge, Mass

Now expanded to a four-day event including Combined Driving Test, Super Derby & Cross Country Pleasure Drive and Pleasure Driving Show
June 8, 9, 10, and 11 from 9:00 to 4:00 each day
Show Secretary: Ann Willey Phone: (518) 392-6583 Email:westgate@taconic.net

Exhibitors: Important Notice regarding new ADS health requirements:
ADS has added health requirements for their recognized 2017 events. Please note if you are planning to show at the June 8-11 Orleton Farm Driving Show you will need to bring the health documents as noted below in addition to the usual Negative Coggins and current Rabies vaccination paperwork.

Article 6
6.3 At American Driving Society ADS-recognized events, all equines entering the event location must be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within the six months prior to entering the competition venue. Equines not in compliance with this Rule are required to leave the driving event location upon request by Competition Management. Documentation should consist of one of the following methods found below.
The frequency of vaccine administration should be as recommended by the vaccine
manufacturer or veterinarian. It is recommended that vaccines be administered by or under the direction of a veterinarian.
Documentation should consist of one of the following:
a. In the case of vaccines given by a veterinarian, the Person Responsible, upon request
by Competition Management, must provide documentation from the Veterinarian,
documenting that the equine in question received the vaccinations on the date administered and the name of the vaccine.
b. In the case of vaccines administered by a person other than a veterinarian, the Person Responsible, upon request by Competition Management, must provide a receipt of the vaccine purchase which is signed by the Person Responsible, the equine’s name, the serial number and expiration date of the vaccine and the date of administration.
c. In the case of an equine that is unable to receive either of the vaccines due to a history
of adverse reactions, the Person Responsible, upon request by Competition Management, must provide a letter from a veterinarian on official letterhead stating the equine cannot be vaccinated due to medical concerns and a log of the equine’s temperature taken at least twice daily for the seven days prior to arrival at the competition grounds. These equines must also have their temperatures taken and recorded twice daily while on the competition grounds. The log of temperatures taken must be provided to the Competition Management, Steward or Technical Delegate when requested.

Welcome to Colonial Carriage & Driving Society’s 19th Annual Pleasure Driving Show. Colonial Carriage & Driving Society and Orleton Farm are proud to play a part in promoting the history and tradition of pleasure driving here in the Berkshire Hills. The Berkshires had great history in the gilded age with the large estates and wonderful carriage houses as the place to come and be seen driving your horse and carriage. Harvey and Mary make their home at Orleton Farm, which has been in Mary’s family since 1900 and has always been a horse facility. The grounds have become home to Colonial Carriage for its many events held here throughout the year: sleigh rallies, clinics, fun day, club meetings, and the pleasure show.

The show started 19 years ago at famous sculptor Daniel Chester French’s home, Chesterwood, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The show continued there for three years, with the number of exhibitors and spectators increasing each year. The need for more space prompted the show to move to Eden Hill, one of Stockbridge’s great
estates. In 2006, with the desire to add more classes, the show expanded to a two-day show and moved to Orleton Farm. A third day was added in 2011, expanding the show with more classes and divisions for our exhibitors.

The Orleton Farm Pleasure Driving Show, Combined Test and Super Derby is a unique event, in 2016 the event expanded to a four day event to further accommodate the increasing interest in this venue. We continue that format in 2017. There are classes and divisions for everyone. The first day offers the traditional Combined Test of dressage and cone classes. On Friday the Super Derby and Derby Obstacle for VSEs, ponies and horses is a full day. Friday will also offer an optional scored Cross Country Pleasure Drive and Super Drive for the exhibitor’s choosing to stay over from the combined test for the pleasure show, or exhibitors arriving early in preparation for the pleasure show but not necessarily interested in the Derby. Derby Day is then followed by a two-day pleasure driving show. The 2017 schedule will continue to offer the Utility Vehicle Division, a Park Division and a Picnic Class along with a popular American Heritage class and the Ride and Drive class. We have split the multiples to offer a Tandem Division and Unicorn/Four-in-Hand Division. These classes will bring variety and excitement to the event. New in 2017 is a Maiden Horse/Pony Division and we have brought back the Trade and Commercial Vehicle Classes. As our show continues to grow, we are dedicated to make your experience the best possible. On Sunday the Gathering of Vintage of Automobiles will be on display. In 2016 this event was one of very few pleasure driving shows that again enjoyed a significant increase in number of entries. We look forward to repeating that experience in 2017. Come and have fun.