Listing of Events

All events held at Orleton Farm, Stockbridge, Mass. unless otherwise noted.

2019 Schedule of Events

CANCELLED: Saturday, February 2 6:00 pm
Annual Meeting and Banquet
The Lenox Club, Lenox, MA

Wednesday, April 24
Spring Kickoff Pot Luck Meeting

Friday, April 26
Martin’s Carriage Auction

Sunday, April 28
Spring Clinic
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May 15
BBQ Meeting

May 23 – June 2
Devon Horse Show, Devon, PA

June 19
Meeting with Pot Luck

July 27
Fun Day, Orleton Farm

August 8 to 11
Annual Carriage Driving Show
Oreleton Farm, Stockbridge, MA
2019 Prize List

September 7
Lenox Tub Parade, Lenox, MA

September 18
Meeting with Speaker

October 16
Pot Luck Meeting with Speaker