Hello CCDS Members and Friends,

We have not forgotten you! We are hoping everyone is staying well and stress-free as much as possible during these trying times. We hope that here we can share some happy thoughts of 2021 when we will all be able to gather again and enjoy all of the exciting events we are planning.

As September is fast upon us amid the restrictions the pandemic has necessitated, this year’s Tub Parade and the rest of our 2020 club meetings will regretfully not be held in person. We are deeply stricken with sadness as this has been the core strength of our group: to gather, socialize, support, and help each other.

Yet, while we are not able to gather in person, nothing prevents us from meeting virtually. Virtual meet-ups (like Zoom) have become the staple of maintaining social interactions these days. I’m sure most of us has either participated in a virtual event or knows someone who has. So with that in mind, we are planning our own virtual event.
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