Next Meeting

Dear club members,

It finally feels like summer, and we hope everyone is having fun!

We normally do not have a July meeting but due to the fact that we have some significant club events coming up soon, we need to regroup for some planning and coordination activities. Fun Day is coming up on Sunday, July 28th, followed by our show coming up in August, then finally the Tub Parade on September 7th.
The date of the meeting will be posted shortly. So please keep a look out for the date announcement.

The theme of Fun Day is Pirates, so please plan your outfits, and of course the club will provide pizza and soda.
Everyone that was in last year’s Tub Parade: Please keep us in mind for September 7th. We have a major sponsor this year so we will also be able to give our exhibitors money toward decorations.

Anyone who has not exhibited in past parades: We would like to have a few more parade worthy entries to make the parade spectacular. So please save the date for September 7th.


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