Hi everyone,
It’s hard to believe that Christmas was only 2 or so weeks ago, especially as I am writing this and the temperature is 60+ degrees today.

Although not much is going on with the club at present, we just want to keep in touch with our membership..If you haven’t sent in this year’s dues, please download the form and drop a line to Deb Manasse, Membership Chairwoman.

The Holiday party at Devonfield Inn was wonderful. The inn was beautifully decorated for the holidays with Christmas trees and decorations in every room, the food was outstanding, and the appetizers kept coming. I must say the desserts were my favorite from the peppermint chocolate cake, to gluten free pumpkin trifle, and pumpkin cheesecake.Yum!! Holiday piano music was played throughout the evening and a couple of us dared to get up and sing Christmas Carols. Many and heartfelt thanks to the new owners Doug and Jim,of Devonfield, who hosted and prepared all of the food.

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