22nd Annual Driving Show at Orleton Farm, Stockbridge, Mass

*** August 12 to 15, 2021 ***

Due to the Covid19 virus pandemic, we unfortunately were not able to hold the show in 2019. The Wallers have been taking advantage of the extra time available to them to make some fabulous improvements to the already beautiful show grounds they so generously provide for the show. Improvements are ongoing this Spring and Summer and include:  enhancing the obstacles, including a new water obstacle, and the main ring will have a whole new look along with many more improvements.

Based upon the increased exhibitor participation the show experienced in 2019, we anticipate the show this year to be even bigger and better. So we all look forward to hearing about more details as the 2021 season gets underway this Spring.

Show Manager: Dr. Ann Willey Phone: (518) 392-6583 Email:westgate@taconic.net
Assistant Secretary: Laurie Danaher Phone: (518) 466-4608 Email:lbdanaher@yahoo.com

  • Kind reminder to Photographers:
    You must request permission from the Technical Delegate before entering the ring. Appropriate attire is required in the ring following ADS Pleasure Driving rules: gentlemen must wear a coat or jacket and tie, ladies must wear conservative dress or slacks. Thank you for your contributions in serving our exhibitors, staff, and guests.

All About The Show:

Welcome to Colonial Carriage & Driving Society’s 22nd Annual Pleasure Driving Show. Colonial Carriage & Driving Society and Orleton Farm are proud to play a part in promoting the history and tradition of pleasure riving here in the Berkshire Hills. The Berkshires had great history in the gilded age with the large estates and wonderful carriage houses as the place to come and be seen driving your horse and carriage. Harvey and Mary make their home at Orleton Farm, which has been in Mary’s family since 1900 and has always been a horse facility. The grounds have become home to Colonial Carriage for it’s many events held here throughout the year: sleigh rallies, clinics, fun day, club meetings, and the pleasure show.

The show started 23 years ago at famous sculptor Daniel Chester French’s home, Chesterwood, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The show continued there for three years. With the number of exhibitors and spectators increasing each year, the need for more space prompted the show to move to Eden Hill, one of Stockbridge’s great estates. In 2006, with the desire to add more classes, the show expanded to a two-day show and moved to Orleton Farm. A third day was added in 2011 expanding the show with more classes and divisions for our exhibitors.

We hope you enjoy your weekend at Orleton Farm and wish you all a safe and successful show.